In an effort to promote international education among America's youth, The World By Road (TWBR) is working together in partnership with the Denver Center for International Studies (DCIS), a public magnet school in the Denver Public School System. Members of the TWBR team and staff at the school are developing content and lesson plans to supplement what the students at the school are already learning about international affairs, geography and world cultures.

As part of our educational initiative, our team is putting together a website that will allow students to ask questions about the expedition and the places we see in order to learn more about the people and cultures of the countries we visit. The website will also provide downloadable lesson plans and packaged educational materials. The educational program will be fine tuned with students and faculty at DCIS, and will ultimately be rolled out nationwide

Additionally, with the help of the International Studies Schools Association at the University of Denver, our goal is to produce a database of content, media and lesson plans to help increase the number of resources available to educators to teach their students about the world around them. The database we are creating will be fully searchable and will allow teachers from all over the nation to submit their own lesson plans and materials which will continually improve the quality of the database itself. Over the course of the 2 year expedition, we plan to compile and provide teachers nationwide with one of the most comprehensive open-source international studies resources available.

A prototype site setup for this education initiative will be online soon. Please check back soon to learn more about this evolving aspect of TWBR. If you are an educator and would like more information about involvement with this program, please fill out the form below.


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